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White Sand and Stone


Hello Creatives,

Yes, we are all here to live life creatively.


Currently and for the past 30 years I've owned and operate the Yarmouth Frame and Gallery. I love what I do and I may never give it up and now I'm drawn to share my second lifelong passion.

The healing energies of the occult sciences. Yes, I'm an artist and an intuitive psychic, clairvoyant healer. My colleagues say an old soul with a fated chart to do just this... With the best of intentions, I'm here to help you help yourself accelerate and raise your energy vibration. 


(please visit the consultation page to find more info)

I think so highly of the Cardology Charting and the mysteries it reveals that I created my own deck of cards called "The Spirit and Nature" deck.. 


You'll find how to connect with me in the contact section below. Please visit me on another one of my venues to learn more about me and my energy.

My very best to you as you journey creatively


I'm a 7 of Clubs

(sharing spiritual knowledge)

Zen Garden
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