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Once I personally receive your birth information that includes the place of birth, date, and time you were born I'll create and study your chart and prepare for our meeting. Which means I'll sit and intuitively study the energy of all 14 cardology card placements with the planets

and houses of where your personal birth time places them and what those combinations tell me.

(you'll find an image of a cardology chart in the image gallery below)

(If you are not sure of your birth time, there are ways to work with that.)

You'll receive information that uncovers your strengths and challenges, your catch 22 that holds you back, your love language, your life path of destiny that you are meant to follow, karma cards and what blocks you are meant to release in this lifetime and where you are being invited to explore and experience a deeper  connection to your purpose in life.

Ultimately putting you on a more aligned path so you have direction,

empowerment and enthusiasm about moving forward with a plan of action.

Finally, I'll dig deep and record an intuited video of your Birth Chart for you.

So that you have clarity about any questions you've asked. Ending with sharing the

highlights in your upcoming Solar Year Chart (from your birthday.)

Email me to get started with an exchange

of the necessary information and

schedule  your consultation.

(contact info at the bottom of the page)

Please let me know if you are working with a therapist and I'll honor that 20% discount.

Cardology Birth Chart Consulting price $150.00 ($120.00 discount price)

 usually 1 1/2 - 2 hour

One Cardology Chart question answered $50.00 ($40.00 discount price)

recommended questions

What is my "Catch 22"?

What is my Career Calling?

What is my creative root to draw upon?

What is my love language?


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  • Finding the catch 22 in a chart

Carole King's "Catch 22"

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Finding the "Catch 22"

Cardology Charting uses and considers the astrological planets and house placements to see your overall terrain in life. However, the 52 Cardology Cards reveal how you acknowledge and process what you experience.

Once you see your natural patterns and tendencies that the card meanings reveal, you'll begin to understand and realize an organic and natural path forward.

Your Personal Cardology Chart also reveals your "CATCH 22" which gives insight into how you self sabotage. You'll learn how to make it work for you. Offering you a set of tools that you intuitively know you have
but didn't know how to access.

You'll see what you are meant to release in this lifetime and how to unburden. Leaving space for transformation and empowerment through deeper self knowledge.

Let's find your key to unlock your power, raise your vibration and put you on a more aligned life path.

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With a little help from my cartomancy deck of cards! 

A Sample Cardology Birth Chart

The Meanings of the Suits



Giving their time and energy. This suit relates to the bark or body of the tree. This suit is to find your wellbeing with designer remedies and cures for you. 


Giving in love and compassion and your connection with the divine. This suit relates to the fruit of the tree and how you give and receive emotionally.


Giving in mental stimulation, humor, and understanding. This suit relates to the leaves of the tree. How we absorb knowledge for intellectual efforts.


Giving status, wealth and how we hold value. This suit relates to how grounded and connect we are to the earthly plane.

Find your birth card in the chart.

a Cartomancy Deck lovingly
handcrafted for your divine use.

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